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Karlo Poljaković

Principle, Director of Studies, Teacher


  • Mentor, Manager & Teacher


  • Monday - Thursday: 11:00-14:00 & 16:00 - 20:00
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Karlo Poljaković

Principal & Teacher

I was born in Vrbas. This place could speak volumes to the more experienced generations. But, I’ll stop at that. Decided to dash through the Department of English Language and Literature of Universitas Neoplantensis, from which I got a warrant saying that I was capable of teaching the language. Far from it that I was, yet if they said so, everybody else believed it.

Radnički Univerzitet first entrusted me with people willing to ‘walk my talk’. Then I went to London and learned about the Communicative Classroom, and then to Lancaster to learn about Communicative Language Teaching and Testing.

In 1994 Camelot Language Studio was born and I was partner in it. In 1996, Cambridge University and the Royal Society of Arts awarded me the Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English and soon after that I became a licensed Cambridge University Examiner.

After six years at Camelot I picked up the sword and founded Excalibur Language School with yet another partner. I feel I have found my nook where I teach, train, convert and am happy to follow the belief that ‘Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter’.




Courses teacher is currently involved in.

Course Price
Cambridge English - (C2) --Proficiency CPE (C2)
English for Specific Purposes Vantage --BEC Vantage
English for Specific Purposes Higher -- BEC Higher
Superior -- Children from 16-18 years
Seniors Exam Preparation Courses FCE (B2) -- B2 ( FCE Intermediate) Course
Cambridge English - (C1) -- Advanced (CAE) Course (C1)
Intermediate-Low -- Children from 9-10 years
Seniors Courses A2 -- A2 (Elementary) Course


What others say about us?

Oh, how joyful it all was!

"Attending classes in Excalibur was quite a fulfilling experience! From the first lecture, I knew it was going to be a challenging course. Karlo taught us things such as professional writing and advanced grammar, and we acquired some extremely useful speech skills through various exercises, stories and discussions. Even though I was a little anxious before I took the final exam, I was more than satisfied upon receiving the results. I also fondly remember fooling around with my classmates before and after (and sometimes during) the classes. Oh, how joyful it all was!"

Viktor Katzenberger

Choosing a language school

Choosing a language school can sometimes be quite a predicament. That was certainly a case for me. Ever since I had started learning English, I had constantly been changing my learning environment, as I had never been completely satisfied with how my knowledge improved. However, when I look back at my time spent in Excalibur language school, I can honestly say that it was a great, valuable experience. The course was very demanding, but at the same time very fulfilling and interesting. During lectures we were always given the opportunity to debate over various issues, which not only improved my speaking skills, but it also allowed me to develop my social skills. In the end, I was more than satisfied with my exam score, and I can now say with confidence that the entire course was quite a success for me. I will always remember Excalibur school for its great atmosphere, my teacher-Karlo, and all the other friendships I have made during the course.

Milan Đurić

Staff Behaviour

If teaching is fun, then you simply wish to learn! A different approach to teaching is what keeps Excalibur apart, and what one gets as a result is to enjoy classes that are both practical and amusing. I consider it priceless that I felt truly belonging to Excalibur; it has always felt like home. Being surrounded by impressive, creative people, and being able to constantly exchange ideas with them, allowed me not only to become friends with them, but also to explore myself more deeply. I would definitely ascribe a lot of my personality to the time spent at Excalibur. Great memories, lots of knowledge, life-long friendships - that’s what I’ve taken home from Excalibur. Therefore, I have nothing but the words of praise. I am proud and honoured to say I have been one of the swordsmen...

Filip Gurjanović

Very happy to find this School !

"After a long search for perfection in terms of both sensitive and highly qualified English teachers I ran into Excalibur Language School, particularly the two amazing women and mothers Jaca and Naca. Besides being able to immediately answer any question of mine, the level of each lecture has been immensely professional which now I can corroborate as thanks to them I managed to become one of the most successful students at the university in Austria, where different experts from all around the globe come to teach. I am thankful for every constructive feedback, for having any work of mine analyzed in detail together with an interactive way of communication, as I will always remember everything with warmth in my heart."

Tijana Davidović

Student of Excalibur Language School

"Having been a student of Excalibur Language School from 12 to 18 years old, I can say I have quite the experience to confirm its credentials. I was lucky enough to have been taught by several teachers and can conclude that they all have some things in common: unquestionable knowledge, politeness, superior teaching skills and passion for their job. Because of them and their interactive, always amusing, creative and educational classes, I have obtained my FCE, CAE and CPE diplomas throughout these six years. Moreover, I can proudly say that there is no other school I would opt for instead, since Excalibur played a relevant role in my adolescence. Finally, I will continue warmly recommending it to my friends and acquaintances, regardless of their age and level of English – there is a place for everyone at Excalibur and you will feel welcome."

Staša Zeković

Attending English classes at Excalibur was a unique experience

Attending English classes at Excalibur was a unique experience. We worked a lot, of course, I felt my English was improving and I had even started to speak English in public (not just mumbling in the back, as I used to). Karlo, the best teacher ever, helped me to free myself and not to be afraid of making slight mistakes. As I had opportunities to travel, it was one of the most useful skills I have built at Excalibur. Besides learning, I have met very nice people there and made life-long friendships.

Nikola Lisov

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