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Superior (Cambridge English – Advanced)

Superior --Children from 16-18 years

Superior (CAE)

The course will prepare a senior learner to be able to participate effectively in mostformal and informal conversations on practical, social, professional, and abstract topics. S/he will be able to discuss special fields of competence and interest with ease; support opinions and hypothesize.

The speaker will partially be familiar with regional or other dialectical variants. As a listener and/or reader s/he will be able to understand the main ideas of all speech in a standard dialect, including technical discussion in a field of specialization and will be able to follow the essentials of discourse in professional settings, in lectures, speeches and reports.

S/he will be able to read with almost complete comprehension and at normal speed expository prose on unfamiliar subjects and a variety of literary texts featuring hypotheses, argumentation and supported opinions, and including grammatical patterns and vocabulary ordinarily encountered in professional reading.
As a writer s/he will be able to express self effectively in most formal and informal writing on practical, social, and professional topics and will write most correspondence, such as memos, as well as social and business letters, short research papers, and statements of position in areas of special interest or in special fields.

By the end of the course the learner will have grasped good control of a full range of structures or spelling, and a wide general vocabulary will have allowed the writer to hypothesize and present arguments or points of view accurately and effectively. An underlying organization, such as chronological ordering, logical ordering, cause and effect, comparison and thematic development will have been strongly evident, although not thoroughly executed and/or not totally reflecting target language patterns.

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