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Novice High (YLE Movers)

Novice High (YLE Mover) --Children from 8-9 years

Novice High (YLE Mover)

The course will prepare a junior learner to be able to ask questions or make statements involving learned material. Vocabulary will center on areas such as basic objects, places, and most common kinship terms.

As a listener and/or reader s/he will be able to understand short, sentence-length utterances, particularly where context strongly supports understanding and speech is clearly audible.

The learner will comprehend words and phrases from simple questions, statements, high-frequency commands, and courtesy formulae. S/he will be able to read standardized messages, phrases or expressions for instructional and directional purposes, such as some items on menus, schedules, timetables, maps, and signs.

As a writer s/he will be able to supply information on simple forms and documents concerning names, numbers, dates, nationality, and other simple autobiographical information.

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