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Intermediate Mid – (KET)

Intermediate MidChildren from 10-11 years din

Intermediate-MidCambridge English – KET

The course will prepare a senior learner to be able to can talk simply about self and family members and will be able to ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations on topics beyond the most immediate needs: e.g., personal history and leisure time activities.

As a listener and/or reader s/he will be able to understand content and refer primarily to basic personal background and needs, social conventions, and more complex tasks, such as lodging, transportation and shopping.
Additional content areas will include some personal interests and activities, and a great diversity of instructions and directions.

The texts will include short, straightforward descriptions of persons, places, and things for a wide audience. As a writer s/he will be able to write short, simple letters.

Content will involve personal preferences, daily routine, everyday events, and other topics grounded in personal experience.

Intermediate High, Independent and Independent Plus

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