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Independent --Children from 12-13 years


The course will prepare a senior learner to be able to narrate and describe with some details, linking sentences together smoothly.

The learner will communicate facts and talk casually about topics of current public and personal interest, using general vocabulary.

Circumlocution which arises from vocabulary or syntactic limitations will be encouraged and very often quite successful.
As a listener and/or reader s/he will be able to understand main ideas and most details of connected discourse on a variety of topics beyond the immediacy of the situation and will involve interviews, short lectures on familiar topics, and news items and reports primarily dealing with factual information.

Texts will include descriptions and narrations such as simple short stories, news items, bibliographical information, social notices, personal correspondence, and simple technical material written for the general reader. As a writer s/he will be able to write simple social correspondence, take notes, write cohesive summaries and resumes as well as narratives and descriptions of a factual nature.

Independent Plus and Superior

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